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Langara College Science and Technology

The Langara College Science and Technology building in Vancouver, British Columbia, features a vertical glass oculus installed from the building’s third floor through the fifth floor. The oculus is comprised of trapezium glass lites fabricated by Garibaldi Glass. The fragmented insulating glass units are butt-glazed side to side to form the vertical oculus. The oculus features two types of IGUs: one is comprised of 6-millimeter Eclipse Gold tempered, ½-inch black Argon spacer and 6-mm clear tempered; and the second is comprised of 6-mm Super Neutral 68 Ultrawhite tempered, ½-inch black Argon spacer and 6-mm clear tempered.

Each trapezium lite contains different angles and sizes. But, as each piece is very similar in appearance, trying to distinguish one lite from the next proved challenging for the Garibaldi project team, company officials report. Initially, orders were parsed into smaller quantities to have better control of production. But if there were rejects, the replacement had to be recut along with the other orders, mixing the recut glass with the next order, making it difficult to identify one batch from the next, according to Duane Rose, sales manager, Garibaldi.

To solve this issue, the team recalled a previous project with an elliptically shaped dome comprised of many triangular glass units with unique angles and sizes. During production of the dome, it was decided to process and digitize each lite, both interior and exterior with a marking that included a unique identification code on the bottom right corner of every piece, big enough to be legible, but small enough to be hidden under the customer’s standard sightline requirements of 7/16 inch.

“By being solution driven, Garibaldi made it easier for both the production team to schedule and manage production, save tremendous production time and cost, and provide the glazing client an easily identifiable means for installing each unique unit,” says Rose.

Teeple Architects and Proscenium Architecture + Interiors Inc., served as the architects of the building. Bird Construction Co. was the general contractor. The glass was manufactured by NSG Pilkington and Guardian IndustriesGlastech Glazing Contractors Ltd., served as the contract glazier. Technoform Glass Insulation supplied the IG spacers.

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