Our Glass Products

From Ceramic Frit to Heat-Treated, we do it all.

Our Glass Products

At Garibaldi Glass, we provide custom glass solutions for interior, exterior and marine applications. Click below for more information on our products.

Garibaldi-Ceramic-Frit-Glass Ceramic Frit

Garibaldi Glass provides architectural glass to your custom pattern, color and glass type.
Our Ceramic frit is pigmented glass enamel permanently fused to the glass surface, through the tempering process at temperatures in excess of 1200 F. This product is available in solid, and translucent colors. Ceramic frit is available in monolithic, laminated, and insulated units.

Features and Benefits:
  • Cost effective, low maintenance
  • Highly durable, abrasion resistant
  • Long lifetime
  • Available in myriad of colors and patterns
  • Available in monolithic, laminated, and insulated glass units

Balustrades, Bus Shelters, Canopies, Interior Glazing, Public Art, Spandrel, Store Fronts, Vanity Tops, Wind Walls

Garibaldi Ceramic Frit Capabilities:
  • Silk-Screened CERAMIC FRIT up to 80” x 160”
  • Glass thickness 5mm (3/16”) to 19mm (3/4”)
  • Standard edge for screen print glass is a seamed edge
  • Polishing and grinding available
  • Standard/Custom pattern & images
  • Design consultation
  • R&D of Specialized Glass Applications
  • Multi-Colour prints
Ceramic Frit Specifications:
  • Film Thickness: ~15 microns
  • Acid Resistance: 15 min. 10% citric acid produces slight iridescence
  • Alkali Resistance: <0.10 weight loss
  • Average Opacity: varies upon pattern and application
  • Color Tolerance: 1 delta E (CIE LAB) (ASTM D 2244)

Garibaldi-Heat-Treated-Glass Heat-Treated

Garibaldi Glass has a state of the art tempering oven producing the highest quality of “Heat Strengthen” and Tempered Glass. Garibaldi Glass tempers glass to a minimum of industry standards Governed by ASTM C1048-04, ASTM C1279-06 and ASTM C1651-08.

Garibaldi Glass Tempering Capacity:
  • We have two ovens for heat treating:
    > 84″(2133mm) x 210″(5334mm) and 100″ (2540 mm) x 170″ (4318 mm)
  • Tempering Thickness 3mm to 19mm

Garibaldi-Laminated-Glass Laminated

Laminated glass is a multifunctional glazing material that can be used in a variety of applications. It is manufactured by permanently bonding two or more glass lites with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) inter-layers, under heat and pressure, to create a single construction. If broken by impact, laminated glass tends to maintain the building envelope by remaining integral in its frame.

This minimizes the risk of injury from sharp edges and flying or falling glass particles. It also strongly resists penetration of objects. Laminated glass is particularly suitable where it is important to ensure integrity of the whole sheet after breakage.

Garibaldi-Spandrel-Glass Spandrel / Opaci

Garibaldi Glass uses one of the most trusted and most extensively used spandrel glass coatings in the architectural flat glass market today, ICD’s OPACI-COAT-300® Water-based Spray Silicone Glass coating. All of ICD’s products can be infinitely custom color matched to meet your need, all done with color spectrophotometer’s with extremely high tolerances. Which means the color you want is the color you get.

Garibaldi-Heat-Soaked-Glass Heat Soak

Heat soaking is a process that potentially exposes critical NiS inclusions in fully tempered glass. At Garibaldi Glass we have the ability with our “Heat Soak Oven” to meet all heat soak job requirements at current E.U. standards. Heat soaking will provide our customers with an additional defined level of confidence where required with your existing project.

Heat Soaking Process:

Heat soaking is a potential destructive test.

Standard heat soak testing requires more than ten hours of thermal treatment including 1 to 6 hours to heat large quantities of glass to 290 C followed by a temperature plateau at these temperatures for 3—12 hours before cooling down slowly to ambient temperature. This causes glass containing nickel sulfide inclusions to break in the heat soak chamber, thus reducing the risk of potential field breakage.

Glass without detrimental inclusions will retain proper temper properties and will have minimal risks of spontaneous breakage in the field. While Heat soaking is not 100% effective it will reduce the probability of breakage from a standard 8 in 1,000 to 5 in 1,000

Heat Soak Capabilities:
  • Max Glass sheet size = 104” x 204”
  • 3—19 mm
  • Max load = 24 sheets or 10,000 lbs
Heat Soak Oven Specifications:

Manufacturer—Precision Quincy

Cycle times

  • Approx. 6hr soak time (varies depending on size, weight, # pieces, glass thickness).
  • Approx. 1.5hr change over time

Total cycle time = 8 hr per load

Garibaldi Glass currently heat soaks to the European standard for heat soaking EN 14179–1:2005 (HST).

Currently there is no North American standard for heat soaking.

Garibaldi-Insulated-Glass Insulating

Customized to your specifications, our Insulated Glass (IG) units allow you to reduce sound, decrease energy loss and seal out moisture.

At Garibaldi Glass, we offer a wide variety of IG glass, all backed by extensive research and development. Look to Garibaldi for premium, sputter-coated post-temperable products, Low E, tinted, reflective, annealed, laminated or tempered thermal units, and much more.

  • Insulated Glass units manufactured from 1/8″ – 3/4″
  • Double-paned & triple-paned
  • Pyrolitic, Splutter-coated Low E and reflective
  • Visteon (Ford) tinted and reflective products
  • Aluminum spacer in various colours
  • Warm Edge Spacer
  • Double sealed silicone
  • I.G.M.A.C. certified

Take advantage of our testing and experience in the field of Insulated Glass Units.

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