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Garibaldi Glass provides architectural glass to your custom pattern, color and glass type. Our CERAMIC FRIT is pigmented glass enamel permanently fused to the glass surface, through the tempering process at temperatures in excess of 1200 F.

This product is available in solid, and translucent colors. CERAMIC FRIT is available in monolithic, laminated, and insulated units.

Features & Benefits

  •  Cost effective, low maintenance
  •  Highly durable, abrasion resistant
  •  Long lifetime
  •  Available in myriad of colors and patterns
  •  Available in monolithic, laminated, and insulated glass units


  • Balustrades
  • Bus Shelters, Canopies
  • Interior Glazing
  • Public Art
  • Spandrel
  • Store Fronts
  • Vanity Tops
  • Wind Walls

Garibaldi Ceramic Frit Capabilities

  • Silk-Screened CERAMIC FRIT up to 80” x 160”
  • Glass thickness 5mm (3/16”) to 19mm (3/4”)
  • Standard edge for screen print glass is a seamed edge
  • Polishing and grinding available
  • Standard/Custom pattern & images
  • Design consultation
  • R&D of Specialized Glass Applications
  • Multi-Color prints

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