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A State-of-the-Art Glass Plant

Garibaldi Glass Industries Inc.’s new factory is world class in many ways. The plant was built not only as a show piece and sales tool to present the latest in glass, glazing and product designs, but also to show that form follows function, with its’ lean design being both flexible and scalable.

The plant features a 2nd story catwalk which oversees the entire plant floor from above, giving guests a quick feel for the flow and quality of the production facility. In the factory a U-shaped production flow has been utilized, leaving the product to travel only to the desired work stations leaving the minimum amount of travel required for each type of highly varied products.

There is one wall of the facility dedicated to both shipping and receiving that utilizes one crew that is able to manage all incoming and outgoing materials. The plant floor is unobstructed for dolly travel, with air, water, and power plumbed beneath.

The future has been planned into the slab allowing upgrades and additional plant equipment should they be necessary. Much consideration has also been given to the creature comforts and flow in order to enhance both the workplace and ability to be efficient with ease for our much appreciated staff.

Our philosophy of one lunchroom shared by all staff is where many ideas are born, and with the contribution by all, ideas come to  life.

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