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About Garibaldi Glass

Garibaldi Glass has been delivering custom glass solutions for over 50 years. As glazing experts, we share our glass knowledge with companies around the globe. Our culture has been that of explorers.

Exploring opportunities to stretch the boundaries of what’s possible. Exploring ways to deliver innovative glass solutions to our customers and  exploring ways to continuously improve our production, products and processes at every level of the company.

Our focus is to meet our customer’s glass needs, while delivering the right products at the right time.

Full Sized Mockup Wall

This allows architects & developer to view full size mock-ups of different or alike glass make-ups. We can show units up to 58″ x 88″ in size. These units can be doubled or triple glazed. As well the wall can also show the accompanied spandrel units as well.

State-of-the-Art Glass Plant

Garibaldi Glass Industries Inc’s new factory is world class in many ways. The plant was built not only as a show piece and sales tool to present the latest in glass, glazing and product designs, but also to show that form follows function, with its lean design that is both flexible and scalable. Read more >>

Heat Soak Oven

Garibaldi Glass recommends a Heat Soak test in situations where tempered glass is required, and an assurance is needed that significant spontaneous breakage will not occur, ie: in a point support structural wall or railing glass that won’t be laminated.

Custom Solutions

At Garibaldi we pride ourselves in total understanding of industry trends, products, innovations and technology advancements which allows us to partner and collaborate, to see visions come true.

Custom glass fabrication, complicated triple glazed point supported structural IG units, photo’s being reproduced with ceramic frit, highly sensitive tempering specification — Garibaldi Glass has the custom solutions to meet these challenges. We don’t hesitate when faced with boundaries, whether technical, geographic or otherwise.

It’s this resourceful, innovative attitude that allows us to work on all project, no matter what scope or size.

GlassDay 2020 Video

On what would have been our 10th Annual GlassDay™, we take a moment to appreciate and reflect on your support and partnership. Our lives have changed but together we will learn, grow, and become stronger. Thank you for being a part of the Garibaldi family!

Glass Day 2018 Panel Discussion

GGI Music Video

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