Garibaldi Glass Creates a “Genome” Look for the Edmonton North Clinic Project

The Edmonton North building portion of the new Edmonton Clinic is reaching completion and as the Edmonton Clinic’s website states this project will mean a lot to the Edmonton Area.

“The Edmonton Clinic project is a partnership between Alberta Health Services and the University of Alberta to deliver a vision of establishing an innovative, patient‐centred health delivery system that integrates ambulatory care with a new interdisciplinary approach to health sciences education and research. The result: a transformed experience for patients, families and learners.”

The Edmonton Clinic will be a regional, national and potentially an international catalyst in helping to transform and re‐engineer the way patients are diagnosed and treated, how health sciences students are educated and trained and how research is conducted. The Edmonton Clinic will provide coordinated diagnostic and specialist services for patients and families in an integrated setting while providing unprecedented educational and research opportunities for health science students, researchers and professionals to learn and practice in interdisciplinary teams.

Garibaldi Glass Industries involvement in this project was to supply the 6mm clear, monolithic custom opaci lites that created this cool look the architect wanted which was of a representation of a “Genome”. A “Genome” as describe in Wikipedia is the following:

“In modern molecular biology and genetics, the genome is the entirety of an organism’s hereditary information. It is encoded either in DNA or, for many types of virus, in RNA.

The genome includes both the genes and the non‐coding sequences of the DNA. The term was adapted in 1920 by Hans Winkler, Professor of Botany at the University of Hamburg, Germany. In Greek, the word genome (γίνομαι) means I become, I am born, to come into being. The Oxford English Dictionary suggests the name to be a portmanteau of the words gene and chromosome. A few related ‐ome words already existed, such as biome and rhizome, forming a vocabulary into which genome fits systematically.”

A Project like the Edmonton North Clinic is just another example of Garibaldi Glass creative fabrication capabilities when innovative solutions are required,” says Paul Tendeck, Sales Manager at Garibaldi Glass.

General Contractor: PCL

Architect: HOK Canada Inc.

Glazier: Inland Glass

Fabricator: Garibaldi Glass Industries Inc.

About Garibaldi Glass Industries Inc.

Garibaldi Glass Industries Inc. (est. 1966) is a leading architectural glass fabricator in the Pacific Northwest. GGii’s custom fabrication and high‐performance architectural glass products include quality insulated units, spandrel, tempered glass, laminated glass, Ceramic frit application according to your specific design pattern, colour, and glass type request (Silk‐screen or hand‐applied), structural doors and entrances. The family‐owned glass business is located in Burnaby, B.C., Canada.