Garibaldi Glass Completes Inaugural Point Supported Glass Structural Wall

At Garibaldi Glass we are excited about completion of our first “Point Supported Glass Structural Wall”. The project at 1st & Main Street in Portland, Oregon was Garibaldi Glass first venture along with “Nupress Facades” to produce IG Units for a Point Supported Structural Wall. The finished product has been met with a resounding job well done, and the reward of additional projects. At Garibaldi Glass we see the demand from Architects to build more “Point Supported Glass Structural Walls” in the future.

At Garibaldi Glass our partnership with “Nupress Facades” and now certification of our production processes with “Nupress Facades” point supported systems, allows Garibaldi Glass to expand our markets and our core competency in these markets. At Garibaldi Glass we also have the capabilities to “Heat Soak Test” all glass substrates used in “Point Supported Glass Structural Walls” if the customer requires the additional security. All Heat Soak Testing is done to current EU Standards.

General Contractor: Hoffman Construction

Architect: GBD Architects

Glazer: Mountain Glass

Fabricator: Garibaldi Glass Industries Inc.

About Garibaldi Glass Industries Inc.

Garibaldi Glass Industries Inc. (est. 1966) is a leading architectural glass fabricator in the Pacific Northwest. GGii’s custom fabrication and high‐performance architectural glass products include quality insulated units, spandrel, tempered glass, laminated glass, Ceramic frit application according to your specific design pattern, colour, and glass type request (Silk‐screen or hand‐applied), structural doors and entrances. The family‐owned glass business is located in Burnaby, B.C., Canada.