Robson Square rink re‐opens in time for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver on November 23, 2009.

The facility has been temporarily renamed GE Plaza to reflect the $700,000 that GE, one of the Olympics’ top sponsors, contributed largely to the renovation process. It helped buy a new refrigeration plant, expand the rink by more than a third, and install energy‐efficient LED lights. The name will remain until the end of the Paralympic Games in March.

The refurbishment is part of a much larger $40.9‐million rebuild of Robson Square, which includes repair of numerous underground membranes, water features and landscaping. Of that, $11 million was spent on repair of the so‐called Lower Robson Square, where the arena is located.

The team of Garibaldi Glass Industries, Lami Glass, and Superior Glass supplied, fabricated and installed the glass on the dual roof project. The roof glass supplied was a mixture of spandrel and vision tempered panels consisting of 6mm Pilkington Activ and 6mm Advantage Low E with fade out dot Ceramic Frit applied where specified. Each pair of panels was unique and assigned to a specific position within the dome. The panels were laminated by Lami Glass using 090 clear XX. Superior Glass was the on site Contract Glazer.

The skating area is the centrepiece of a large government and corporate presence during the 2010 Winter Games. On one side of the oval will be the International Media Centre, a facility for unaccredited journalists from around the world. On the other side will be provincial hosting facility and a showcase of B.C. industry. GE will also have a pavilion there.

To christen the ice, the Province of British Columbia and GE brought in Canadian Olympian Jeffrey Buttle, who won a bronze in figure skating at the 2006 Turin Games. In front of about 100 dignitaries and media he delicately carved the ice with his skates. Later, the arena was turned over to two dozen skaters from the Vancouver Skating Club, who danced and raced and circled around the small oval.

John Furlong, the chief executive of the Vancouver Organizing Committee, hailed the reopening of the arena.

“I think it is perfectly located to take advantage of the energy of the city, and of course it is here for the long term,” he said.

“A Project like the Robson Rink roof is just another example of Garibaldi Glass fabrication capabilities when innovative solutions are required,” says Paul Tendeck, Sales Manager at Garibaldi Glass.

About Garibaldi Glass Industries Inc.

Garibaldi Glass Industries Inc. (est. 1966) is a leading architectural glass fabricator in the Pacific Northwest. GGii’s custom fabrication and high‐performance architectural glass products include quality insulated units, spandrel, tempered glass, laminated glass, Ceramic frit application according to your specific design pattern, colour, and glass type request (Silk‐screen or hand‐applied), structural doors and entrances. The family‐owned glass business is located in Burnaby, B.C., Canada.