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Contrast is Everything

Junneau Alaska, Transportation Cente

In 2009, Garibaldi Glass submitted the first samples for the fritted glass to be used in the new Juneau Alaska Transportation Centre. Three years later we finally have pictures of the project. It was a very enjoyable challenge, determining the right way to convert historic photographs (the size of postcards) of Juneau in the early part of the 20th century into high resolution, wall sized, sealed units.

Through innovative design work, the images are clearly visible from the exterior, yet those on the inside looking out have a relatively clear view of the surrounding street.

Congratulations to the City & Borough of Juneau and NorthWind Architects for a very successful project.


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You actually made many superb points with your posting, “Contrast
is Everything | Garibaldi Glass”. I will possibly be returning to your web
site soon enough. Thank you -Jenna

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Ashwell Martelli

This is very fine and neat glass work, looking very beautiful, great job!

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